Supplier Directory

In order to specify, install, operate, maintain and repair FRP assets, operators require access to information concerning suppliers of materials, equipment and services. They need to know who to approach for the supply of assets and services associated with:

  • Pipes – pressure and gravity
  • Tanks – vertical cylindrical, horizontal cylindrical, rectangular moulded, rectangular modular and dual laminate
  • Access structures –walkways, hand railing, ladders, stairways and equipment support structures

Thus the Manual includes a supplier directory giving detailed information about suppliers of such materials, equipment and services. This takes the form of information sheets giving contact details and a description of the capabilities, skills and experience of the supplier. Suppliers of materials, equipment and services have been invited to include their details in the directory.

The cost of an entry in the directory is intended to allow as many suppliers as possible to be able justify the expense. Hence it is kept to an absolute minimum level. Each supplier with an entry in the directory receives a gratis copy of the reference manual and further copies may be purchased at a generous discount.

JMC Composites has contacted potential suppliers of materials, equipment with regard to inclusion in the supplier directory.

If you are:-

  • a supplier of raw materials to the FRP industry,
  • a manufacturer of filament wound FRP pipe systems
  • a manufacturer of filament wound or moulded FRP tanks
  • a pultruder of walkways, stairs, handrails etc
  • a consultant in the field of FRP asset management etc

and would like more information about, or to be included in updated editions of the supplier directory please contact us by email at